Easy as PB+J.

Student Work: Plant Based Joy
Speculative Museum Design and Branding // 2020 // 1 Month // Sole Designer

A market, cooking, and dining experience that explores the health and environmental benefits to plant-based eating.

Visitors are greeted and select a meal they desire to cook. Attendants are provided a recipe card that contains the list of ingredients to gather.

Before cooking, visitors can differentiate the impact their meal has on the environment.

After visitors wait in the interactive queue , they are paired with one out of two on-site chefs to cook their dish. Through this, visitors are able to ask questions and have fun cooking!
Once visitors cook their meals, bon appétit! Visitors can converse and eat at a communal dining table.

Share a meal, maybe an instagram post too.

Now to the details, with a side of jelly.

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