An identity for community-lead change. Backed by a $30M grant from the Heinz Endowment.

Client: Center for Shared Prosperity
Brand Identity and Implementation // July 2021-Present (Now in-house designer) // Team (Credits Below)

The wordmark strikes a balance of being a literal and abstract representation of grassroots activism from the past and present.

The committee wanted to make sure that this identity felt expressive, adaptable, and true to their roots as organizers in the community. The logo uses the typeface Martin which was inspired by protest posters used in the Memphis Sanitation Strike. The two rectangles have a double meaning of a poster and redacted line—reclaiming it as a symbol for expression and liberation.
The secondary color palette is a set of vibrant colors inspired by construction paper used in making protest posters. Through these stylistic decisions, the entire identity can be physically replicated by using standard crafting supplies. As a result, the identity is meant for everyone and can be made by everyone.

A brand extension for a podcast series based on juxtaposing sound levels with the wordmark.

Langston Wells: Brand Development
Yoshi Torralva: Brand Development, Implementation, and Production
CMU School of Design // Brand Identity + Campaign
Center for Shared Prosperity // Brand Identity
Colorful Backgrounds // Brand Identity
TartanHacks // Brand Identity
IoT Privacy Assistant // Brand and Product
Mintlify // Brand Identity
Break the Wire! // Web Experience
Plant-based Joy // Experience Design
Karl Lagerfeld // Multi-Media Experience