An identity to foster colorful grounds for change.

Client: Colorful Backgrounds Ex-Incarcerated People Organizing
Brand Identity and Implementation // 2022 // 1 Month // Sole Designer

A program dedicated to
the empowerment of formerly incarcerated individuals.

Colorful backgrounds founder Terri Minor Spencer coined the phrase, “Colorful Backgrounds” to redefine what it means to be an individual who has been formerly incarcerated. It allows acknowledgment of the fact that everyone has a story, and at times, these stories, experiences, struggles, failures and triumphs can create the most impactful legacies.

The visual identity surrounds a 12-week program that guides those with colorful backgrounds to gain tangible knowledge on entering the job market and how to organize in the community.
At the identity’s smallest form, the icon’s arrows symbolically stager to feel like a hug. The arrows symbolize a conversation had in the design process of a member saying that it's imperative for people to look back to move forwards.

Outreach materials use the wordmark to embrace viewers and extend opportunity.

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