A celebration of Karl Lagerfeld’s dedication to identity.

Student Work: Karl Lagerfeld Multi-Media Experience
Print, 3D Motion, AR, Mobile App  // 2020 // 3 Months // Sole Designer
The brief was to develop a cohesive set of artifacts that tell the story of ones design hero. Created over the course of one semester, I enveloped myself with the work and life of Karl Lagerfeld.

Final Artifacts:
• 19.25" x 31.75" Poster
• Booklet
• 1-2 Minute Video
• Mobile App Experience
• AR Experience (Self lead)

All works rely on a bespoke grid system inspired by Lagerfeld's detailed and expressive design practice.

The design system is inspired by the art of hand-done embroidery in the Haute-Couture collections. Text and Imagery are treated in this same manner as they are placed carefully on the K grid. Ultimately, this design system does away with the traditional grid system allowing it to be usable in any form of media.
Completed in the very beginning of this project, the poster reflects the first implementation of the K Design System. The goal of this poster was to summarize key milestones in Lagerfeld's design career.

The treatment of content blur the lines between metal and tweed.

The booklet expands on the poster’s timeline by detailing Lagerfeld’s impact in each fashion house. Each page was treated as its own look in a fashion show. Each spread’s content varies in placement, size, and orientation—while still maintaining a consistency throughout.

A digital extension that brings the booklet's content into Augmented Reality, an App, and motion.

Space repeatedly plays an integral role in Lagerfeld's collections. I wanted to commemorate this use of space using AR. Users can tap on the logos to load different images. Through the affordances of AR, they can easily move closer or far away to gain a greater appreciation of his work.
For the final part of this collection, I wanted to bring the design system I built to motion. This teaser depicts an abstract representation of a process used in the atelier to embroider clothing.
CMU School of Design // Brand Identity + Campaign
Center for Shared Prosperity // Brand Identity
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TartanHacks // Brand Identity
IoT Privacy Assistant // Brand and Product
Mintlify // Brand Identity
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Plant-based Joy // Experience Design
Karl Lagerfeld // Multi-Media Experience