Client, Brand Identity, 2021
On the Brink:
Russia and Ukraine
Client, Tabloid Poster, 2022
Carnegie Mellon University Institute for Politics and Strategy
Client, Brand Identity, 2020
Win the Fight with Pride
Student Work, Campaign, 2020
Logo, Client, 2020
¿Donde Estabas Tú?
Animation, Student Project, 2020
Student Work, Motion/Print, 2020
Devil Ray
Time-based motion out of cut paper, Student Work, 2019
How to Polka Dance
Time-based motion, Student Work, 2019
Deep Clean
Student Work, Flip Camera and Hand Sanitizer Video, 2019
Rapidly Evolving
Client Work, Cinema 4d, 2020
Class of 2022
Photographic Narrative, Student Work, 2019
Student Work, Coding, 2020
Reel Abilities
Student Work, Tabloid Poster, 2020
CMU School of Design // Brand Identity + Campaign
Center for Shared Prosperity // Brand Identity
Colorful Backgrounds // Brand Identity
TartanHacks // Brand Identity
IoT Privacy Assistant // Brand and Product
Mintlify // Brand Identity
Break the Wire! // Web Experience
Plant-based Joy // Experience Design
Karl Lagerfeld // Multi-Media Experience