TartanHacks 2020
TartanHacks is an annual National event at Carnegie Mellon University that brings undergraduate students to compete in a 24 hour Hackathon.
Skills: Branding Identity, Environmental Graphics, Print, AR, and Motion Design
Timeframe: October 2019 - February 2020
Setting: Team (Only Designer)


The IoT Privacy Infrastructure is a research funded project that aims to establish a transparent data infrastructure ready for tomorrow's tech-reliant environments.


Each year, TartanHacks has its own individual design language. As the designer, I was in charge of developing an identity that could be replicated in numerous ways.

Logo Evolution
The logo development process was participatory driven. With the guidance and suggestions from organizers of the Hackathon, I proposed various directions.

Juxtaposition of Olympiads and Command Lines
The final logo is comprised of a torch where the base is built out of characters used in a command line. This was done to embody a more competitive spirit in the context of the upcoming olympic games. The logo also transforms into heart-shaped iconography as much of the marketing campaign revolves around the Hackathon being on valentines day.

The torch is repeated to serve as backgrounds for presentations and event banners.


Placed in CMU Buildings and Residential Areas, multiple versions were created to mimic humorous, coding inspired, valentines day sayings.

Spark AR
Before and during the event, heart shaped logo variations would be randomized once winking at the camera.

Environmental Graphics

Way finding
The affordances of the logo allowed vertical text to be placed for signage.

↑ CMU's Branding Identity
When developing the environmental signage, it was important to maintain cohesion with CMU's permanent way finding designs.


Using the tessellation torch pattern, it stays true to the identity while being usable with any winter look.

Tote Bags
Paired with the rose variation of the TartanHacks logo, the bag can be used anywhere without coming off as 'an event-only tote'.

Two variations for the shirts were made for competitors (hackers) and mentors (helping hackers with any development questions).

Opening Ceremony Video


As I was the only person designing and regulating content, TartanHacks 2020 pushed me to make a highly efficient design system. Ultimately this constraint allowed me to develop a logo, type, and color system that could be quickly edited and sent off for production.