Computationally driven storefront.
Skills: P5 JS
Timeframe: 3 Weeks
Setting: Individual


The IoT Privacy Infrastructure is a research funded project that aims to establish a transparent data infrastructure ready for tomorrow's tech-reliant environments.


I was interested in exploring the emergence in interactive advertising. Over the past decade, advertising has changed drastically from paper ads, social media posts, and, more recently, interactive environments
Ultimately this moved me to discover the opportunities in which I can apply computational practices into a physical space. I decided to focus on creating a reactive storefront using camera data to show the movement of visitors in a visually intriguing way.

Behind Ové
To inspire a creative direction for the storefront, I created an Athletic clothing brand called ové. Ové derives from the french word of l’oeuvre meaning work. Additionally, Ové is the shared characters of Move and Woven.


Using Javascript:
Inspired by the Ové branding, I ultimately lead me to iterate on the theme of bringing textiles to life by visitor interaction. 

To achieve this, I use a camera data to adjust the size, amount of curves, and tint of the hypotrochoid curves.  To make the hypotrochoid curves reactive to the camera’s data, I used 16 specific points of pixel brightness and color. Through this, I create an interactive storefront that reacts to traffic and ultimately would entice people to enter the store.