Street Art Proposal and Marketing campaign
Skills: Street Rendering, Marketing, Branding Identity
Timeframe: 2 Weeks (2020)
Setting: Individual


The IoT Privacy Infrastructure is a research funded project that aims to establish a transparent data infrastructure ready for tomorrow's tech-reliant environments.

Project Brief

Sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies, the intersection of S Fairmont St, Harriet St, and Roupe Ave was selected to increase pedestrian safety. The project's goal was to develop a compelling street art and pair a marketing collateral in the scenario our street our would be selected.

The InStAve Street Art

The street art embodies nostalgia, unity, and love through bold colors and shape that intertwine with each-other.

Marketing Collateral

↑ 11" x 17" Poster

↑ Invitation packet to families.

↑ Signage to direct painters

↑ Lawn chairs for use in the baum grove park.


Slide-based Presentation