Estabas Tú?
Translation: Where were you?
Skills: 2D Motion
Timeframe: 2 Weeks
Setting: Individual


The IoT Privacy Infrastructure is a research funded project that aims to establish a transparent data infrastructure ready for tomorrow's tech-reliant environments.


Created during the first couple of weeks of quarantine, I came into this motion project wanting to explore the idea of escapism.

Throughout the pandemic, companies have capitalized the idea of escaping to discreet locations. In this video I set out to create a narrative of a character setting an impulse trip to a paradise far from their reality. In the end of the video, the first scene replays to embody that it was just a dream.

Two images of inspiration. (Corydon Cowansage and Jaquemus)

Storytelling Decisions

The storytelling method of saying 'it was just a dream' was done intentionally. Although this storytelling method is commonly used by elementary students, it further emphasizes many of our desires to go back to our youth before the pandemic was even a thought on our minds.

My original intention of creating an innocent escape to paradise has evolved in meaning months later. Unfortunately, due to the length of the pandemic, people have turned this fantasy of escapism into reality. Instead of staying home, many have traveled to locations impacting local residents.